Seat Cushion

There are two different variants of seat cushion to choose from, Wool or Leather.

Wool Cushion

The Wool Cushion is made of 5 mm thick wool fiber and mainly provides isolation against the wooden seat. So besides a slightly softer sitting comfort, the Wool Cushion also protects against cold. The Wool Cushion can be hand washed with mild wool detergent and dried flat. Total thickness with anti-slip cloth about 7 mm. With overlock seam around the edge.

Leather Cushion

The Leather Cushion has a padding of 5 mm polyester felt (fleece). Total thickness with Anti-slip cloth about 9 mm. Clean with leather soap as needed and lubricate with leather cream after cleaning. Edge seam with strong furniture thread.

Anti-slip cloth

All cushions have an anti-slip cloth on the underside that holds the cushion on the chair seat.


There are a number of colors to choose from for both wool or leather. Color chart can be sent.