Oggwald Rocking Chair

Oggwald Rocking Chair is available in two different variants. A basic model and a more lavish variant with Rock-stop mechanics. It is basically the same construction but the Rock-stop mechanic allows you to lock the movement of the chair in two different positions, a "TV mode" and a "Power-nap" mode. Regardless of which variant you choose, both are very easy to rock. This is largely due to the asymmetrical runners. The radius of the runners becomes smaller the further behind you rock and helps in the movement. It is enough to move your hands back and forth on the armrests to get the movement started.


There are severall advantages with Oggwald when compared to a traditional armchair or a recliner. It catches the body in a comfortable way when you sit down, unlike a regular armchair which is more static. This is a great benefit especially for those who have back problems or have other mobility impairments. The body and legs also get a lighter form of massage when you move the center of gravity with the movement of the chair. It also helps blood circulation, especially for the legs. The armchair is also very easy to step out of as you just lean forward a little and put your feet down.

Upholstery and cushions

There are two different leather colors, one is black and one is cognac brown. You can also choose wool fabrics that are available in four different colors, black, orange, navy blue and a dark green variant. The wool fabric is a little cheaper but very comfortable. Neck pillow, armrests and legrests are the same on all Öggwalds, black leather and natural sheep wool on the neck pillow. The neck pillow is padded with tempur foam and shapes itself comfortably to the body.


With the Rock-stop mechanics, you basically get two different armchairs. You get a rocking armchair and you get a "regular" armchair as the rocking chair can be locked in two different resting positions. You can also rock the armchair using the mechanics.

Table top

A smaller table top can also be ordered. It is placed at the back on the runners and clamped at the top of the armrests when using the table. The table top is quite light in weight and can be lifted without much difficulty from a sitting position, but if you have difficulty turning from a sitting position, you can place the disc more easily accessible on eg. a small table.

Demo video

Watch the video about the manufacture of the Öggwald rocking chair. At the end there is a small demo of the Rock-stop mechanics.