The tables are based on the "floating" principle, which means that the support bars on the long sides are placed further under the table top ("hidden") and the cross bar is folded under the table top which rests against the support bars and leaves a distance against the legs and outer bar. The effect is a floating look and increases the spaciousness of the long sides. The table also gets a lighter feel when holding down the thickness of the table top together with the hidden support bars.

The table top

The table top is glued plankwise, ie. Composed with different wide boards which gives a more vibrant, rustic feel compared to a stick-glued disc. Sprigs can accompany when the disc is composed and in some cases these are repaired with recessed pieces that give additional rustic feel.

Custom Tables

Tables can be design in cooperation with the customer. In some cases, one can develop a prototype that is built with simple rules and paper to check dimensions and impressions in place before the actual production begins.